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DialNow offers the lowest international tariffs and is easy to use. Just register an account on website with your phonenumber and buy credit.

For 10 euro you can call up to 2000 minutes!
To make a phonecall using our service, just dial the low cost access number from the country where you live, followed by the complete international number you wish to call.

Click here for the access numbers list
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How to Use DialNow

Can I send Text (SMS) messages with DialNow?^ top

Yes you can, in your My-account you can find a SMS-tool.

What is the minimum topup amount? ^ top

We require a minimum Payment of EUR 200,-. No monthly payment required. Take your time to use this credit and top up again if you run out of credit.

What's the difference between calling cards and DialNow ? ^ top

Actually there's no diffence between calling cards and DialNow. Just like virtual calling cards you register your number and then you sms an access number.
When our system doesn't recognize your number, you'll be asked for your personal code which you have received by registration and can be found in your account.
The advantage of DialNow is the easy way to add credits to your account, over and over again. For calling cards it's often necessary to buy a new card every time you run out of credits.

How long does my credit last for calls? ^ top

At DialNow your subscription to call the FREE destinations is valid for a period of {subscriptiondays} days and the credit you have purchased will NOT expire.

Making your first DialNow call ^ top

Call to access numbers in your country and entry your PIN number and destination phone number

Please note that when you call a number (even if it's local) you should always dial 00 + countrycode + areacode + subscribernumber)

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